HeyBridge Associates

HeyBridge Associates are looking to recruit the best available talent to work at DENSO Marston. Our in house team are based on site and play a leading role in ensuring DENSO recruit and retain a highly skilled and motivated workforce.  If you feel you are ready to join one of today's leading players in the Global Automotive Industry then please contact us.

"The foundation of DENSO Marston's success is our people.  Without them we would not have achieved our leading role in today's global automotive industry.  HeyBridge Associates have provided us with a service that has enhanced our recruitment process ensuring our employees are both highly skilled and motivated to achieve success.  Our corporation is trusted around the world so it is vital we can trust our partners to provide and deliver an efficient service.  HeyBridge Associates is a company we rely on to deliver results and would recommend to any enterprise."

Bev Sagar - Head of Department (Human Resources) DENSO Marston Ltd